Monday, February 3, 2014

Pretty Mad Right Now & What's On My Nails?

Hey guys,
      So i'm pretttyyy mad right now. My state is getting hit by a lot of snow, and this is the fourth time my school district has cancelled school. Now the days we need to make up are cutting into our summer break >:( CHILDREN DON'T NEED SCHOOL. Especially middle/ high schoolers. We need to wake up at five in the morning to finish homework and by the time we're done there's no time to eat breakfast because we need to catch our bus. But noooooo, the school doesn't care. They say: you need at least eight hours of sleep and you need to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. Well hate to break it to you school, but you're the reason we don't get eight hours of sleep or breakfast in the morning. I don't know guys, i'm just really mad. On the other hand, I actually did my homework that I wasn't going to do, so i guess my grade benefits from this... >.<

What's on my nails?
     So lately I've been painting my nails black and red, i don't know why, I just love those colors together... I'm going to repaint them since they have tons of chips on them, so I'll post a pic later.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Part One: Mixing It Up a Little... Part Two: Little Miss "I Don't Text Back"

Hey guys!! 
Sorry about not posting a new NPOTD on Christmas eve.. haha. I got a little carried away with weighing.... and measuring.... my presents under the tree ;) I just couldn't wait any longer!!! I got a new camera that I have been DYINGGGG to have, and a mirror from Pottery Barn Teen. I'm really happy! What did you guys get? Tell me in the comments below! 

Anyway, you're probably all wondering... thanks to the title.... what i'm "mixing up a little." Well, I decided that blogging about just fashion is going to be a little boring, so I decided to blog about other things to. I'll blog about my EXTREMELY AWESOME (not really) life, celebrities, gossip, new movies, TV shows, etc. Tell me what you guys think about this idea in the comments! Sooooo here it goes:

I think everybody has that one friend that they aren't so sure about. What I mean by that is, one of my friends (which we will make up their name for privacy, let's call them Mayrn, since I love that name and i'm naming my future child that name xD) i'm a little suspicious about. The only time Maryn talks to me is when we're at school. Sometimes i'll text her over the weekend, her iPhone tells me that she read it at whatever time she did, and SHE WILL NEVER TEXT ME BACK. That's one of my pet peeves. If you read my message and never text me back, you're going on the "People-I'm-annoyed-at-list". The only time she'll text me is if she needs help on homework. Like thanks, love ya too. And now that I think about it, she's never really been a good friend. She always leaves me out of things, she calls me fat and ugly on a daily basis, and it's clear that she talks crap about me behind my back. 

Jesus Christ,
I hate being a teenager.
Haha, thanks for reading guys, I'm about to go paint my nails so look for a new NPOTD later. Promise *pinky promise*

Julia :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NEW: NPOTD ( Nail Polish of the Day)

Hi everyone! I finally got back from vacation in Ocean City Maryland, and I decided to try out this new nail polish. It's called Texture by China Glaze, once you put it on these bumps form; it feels and looks pretty cool. I attempted to do Before and After pictures, but right as you put it on the bumps form pretty fast so the before picture isn't too good :( 



This is what the bottle looks like:

I would recommend this nail polish to anyone who wants to try something different, because as you can see, it's very different! I bought this one at The Ulta Beauty Store for $8.99. 

I hope you liked it, and please give me feedback or any fashion blog post requests in the comments!!!!

Thanks for reading, 
Julia :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

NEW: Ulta Nail Polish Haul

Hi everyone! As I promised, here is the Ulta Haul!

Selena Gomez OPI Nicole Collection (the two pinks aren't the same shade, the one on the right is lighter) 

OPI and Orly Won't Chip Top Coat

Zoya and China Glaze Matte Magic

And I also got this really awesome Manicure Lapdesk that came with a nail dryer: 

Alright, so that's my haul for now 😊
Look for another blog post today of the Matte Magic in action 😀 

Thanks for reading, 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

*IMPORTANT* Please read!!

Hello everyone, i have decided to rename this blog from In the Fashion Loop to ALL THE GLAM FASHION! So the new link to this Web site is

Thanks for reading and look for a new blog post tomorrow!
Julia :) 

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! Sorry i haven't posted in a while, but since it's summer, i can promise to y'all that i WILL post more often. In fact, tomorrow I'm going to the Ulta Beauty Store and getting nail polish, hair accessory's, etc., so I'll post a haul from Ulta tomorrow! :) Basically that was the purpose of this entry, to tell you guys that I'm back and posting a haul tomorrow :D 

Thanks for reading,

Check out my new & improved website:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

NEW: My Shoes!!

Hey everyone! Today, since i'm really bored, i'm going to be posting a lot of blogs. This first blog is about my shoes. Sadly, i don't have a lot of shoes (That will change soon though ;D) so this blog will only have three pairs of shoes in it. I love my shoes! My favorite ones are my Sperry Top-Sider Acklins Boot:

 I would literally die if i never found these shoes! They don't go with everything (I learned that the hard way) but they do go super good with skinny jeans and a shirt/sweatshirt that's either red, brown or orange. I haven't played around much with what it matches with so i'm sure those aren't the only colors they go with.
I got these at for $49, which is actually a bargain because these are originally $89. They were hard to find because they were supposed limited edition, and only on sale for two weeks. They do come in different colors like grey, tan, plaid, and i've heard that they come in gold. Anyways, these shoes are super cool!

The second pair of shoes i have is a pair of Uggs. They are the classic short kind and are the tan color. 


I really like these shoes! They go with almost everything which is a major plus! They are so soft, warm and super easy to slip on. The only bad thing about Uggs is that they are very fragile. You don't really want to get them wet so i don't wear them when it's raining hard or if there are a lot of puddles outside. Sometimes you have to wash your Uggs with a special shampoo and conditioner you can buy online. I usually wash them once a month and put on stain repellant just in case. Uggs are expensive so i got these for around $150. I got them at a Plow and Hearth store in Virginia, which sadly burned down. But, if you want to order these you can order them online at 

he last pair of shoes i have are also Uggs. They are the short Grey Bailey Button boots.


I wear these shoes almost everyday to school. They are so comfortable and stylish. There are a couple ways to wear the short bailey button Uggs. The first way is how i have them in the picture. Your basically just wearing them how they came. The second way is folding down the flap (Flap to the right of the black button in the picture) in the back. I don't do this because if you do it all the time and then one day you don't want to fold the flap down, it's basically stuck folded down.

So those are my shoes! I also have sneakers (or course) but their not anything special. I hoped you like my blog and please comment and blog ideas you have for me!